Welcome to Natural Health Trend Mobile Spa & Beauty Salon. Enjoy browsing through our services, treatments and products. We offer classic beauty treatments, face and body care treatment and body shaping – all of which are based on natural ingredients products. We care about your comfort and satisfaction during our treatments and we thrive to deliver them in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. We take into consideration your choices and preferences and we discuss them with your prior to your treatment to make it personalised and just for you. Our therapist will be happy to share their knowledge on body care with you and answer any questions or talk about the concerns you may have. The therapist will be also able to advise you on the type of face and body care products that are best suited for you. You are important to us. We want you to enjoy fully our treatments and feel relaxed, distressed and comfortable. Allow us to take care of you and pamper your body and mind. We help you to enhance your inner beauty, strength and vitality. We can offer you our luxurious treatments on any day, any time. Let us treat you for your birthday, anniversary or any other occasion or just because you feel like it! Welcome to the green oasis of beauty, health and relaxation! 

Natural Health Trend Spa & Beauty Salon  Our products are certified, patented, organic, and are characterized by the highest quality of execution. Our service reaches all customers and fulfills all expectations concerning provided non-stop treatments and services. We are fully aware that in the XXI century every second is like gold for our customers, so we would like to save your time. In order for you not to spend your valuable time visiting us – we will visit your place and provide top-class services.

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How To Order?

There are only few steps required to order the full range of our services. We can guarantee the highest quality and efficiency of cosmetic-related treatments, as we are members of the rejuvenating and revitalizing cosmetics industry leading company. Moreover, the company provides wonderful opportunities to relax.

Our Offer

We are pleased to invite you to take advantage of the Mobile Spa & Beauty  Salon service.

Members of our professional team of carefully chosen experts (in the field of cosmetics and massage) are able to perform their services with the highest quality possible. The range of our services will surely meet expectations of the most meticulous customers, ensuring unusual atmosphere during performance of the treatments as well.

Our company is the leading enterprise in the field of mobile cosmetic-related servicing in the world. Currently, our company is the biggest mobile network offering complex and innovative SPA & Beauty services in the London and Europe. READ MORE